Non Profit/Commissioned Projects

Environment and Sustainability

A non-profit is an organization on a mission and a great story can help enlist others as partners, funders and supporters. We can help you with short documentaries for the web or for live gala events, commercials for your innovative services, or the ultimate…the fundraising video.  Non-profits are constantly in need of funds and video is a highly effective fundraising tool.  Whether you’re in the midst of a capital campaign or highlighting a program or service a video can create a powerful and moving experience for viewers, helping them to see and understand the value of what you do.

The Nature Conservancy Flintrock Farms

Bartram’s Garden featured in the “Clean Water for All” Campaign

Philadelphia Outward Bound – Corporate Training Video

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Plan 2045 launch video

The Common Market – Identity Video

The Library Company of Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival

Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

National Wildlife Federation profiles: Tonya

Grinnell College, Alumni Profiles: Megan

Grinnell College, Student Profiles: Kainoa

National Wildlife Federation profiles: Chris

Andrew Stober, Campaign